What started as Project 2011 really turned into project me... I forgot about this, but now I'm here. This could really be anything. I have realized though, I have been losing sight of myself, and where I am going. Where are my dreams? What happened to feeling inspired? Where is my feeling of aspiration?

Here is my resolution: find something that makes me happy every day... feel inspired, blessed, and wake up and look at the world around me. It's the ripple effect, a better person, a happier person, a smile, a laugh, the feeling of positivity... realistic? of course not, but no great dream ever has been... it's for me. It's a step on my journey to figuring out my legacy? What impression, dent, flame, imprint, am I leaving behind?

Life is short, unpredictable, little spontaneous combustions, and I plan to live it out until the last little flicker.